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Seeing various medical providers can result in medication interactions – ask us about medication therapeutic management to resolve potential problems.

Medication therapeutic management (MTM), also known as medication therapy management, involves a range of services that assist patients with getting the most benefit from their medications and prevent medication interactions and potential side effects. When you come to us at Boutique Wellness for this service, we begin by reviewing all prescribed, over-the-counter, and herbal products that you are taking and go over your medical history to learn the reasoning behind the medications.

Medication Therapeutic Management in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mary Ann Coffey, D.Ph., CCN has a well-developed knowledge with both pharmaceuticals and holistic medicine. This insight is used to identify any duplications, unnecessary medications, and whether other products could prove more helpful for managing the condition. You will also be asked how you take your medications so we can determine if they are being used correctly. Often the time of day, whether you take a medication with or without food, and dietary considerations can influence their effectiveness. With proper medication therapeutic management services, you could see improved results and fewer side effects.

We look forward to assisting you with a personalized approach to holistic integrative healthcare, including medication therapeutic management and/or other services, to help you with weight loss, thyroid health, hypertension, stress management, pain management, menopause, Lyme disease, diabetes, or other health concerns. Contact our office today to discuss whatever issue you may have that a holistic practitioner can assist you with improving or resolving.

If you have any questions about our wellness services at our Winston-Salem, North Carolina office, don’t hesitate to contact us.