Harness your body's natural processes


A growing number of patients are seeking natural solutions like Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP has been around for some time, and offers a minimally invasive approach for personalized care.

  • Autolougous (from you to you)
  • Boosts natural repair processes
  • Rich in growth factors
  • Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Collagen stimulation

How it Works

PRP involves a short in-office process that utilizes your own blood. After a standard blood draw, a specially designed tube is used to separate the platelets from other components naturally found in blood, like red blood cells (RBCs).

A 3-minute spin in a centrifuge reveals a golden colored PRP concentrated. That final solution is carefully collected based on your providers proposed treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are treatments & how many do I need?

Treatments tend to last about 30 minutes per focus area. Some patients may experience changes within one treatment, but individual results may vary. Consult your practitioner to develop a plan that is best suited for your desired outcome.

What is recovery like after a treatment?

While there is little to no risk of rejection, post treatment, patient’s have described some redness, tingling or mild bruising in the treatment area. Speak to your provider before returning to work or resuming normal activities.

Is this covered by standard health insurance?

Currently innovative options like PRP are not typically covered by health insurance. Speak with your provider about your individual plan and if there are any financial paths available.