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Meso Hair Restoration

Meso hair restoration is a process of injections into the scalp to correct hormone imbalances in and around the hair follicles, improve blood circulation and trigger natural hair regrowth increasing the thickness of your natural hair to produce a fuller, thicker head of hair.

The Treatment

Meso hair loss therapy requires multiple treatments. While much more affordable than surgical hair restoration, this non-surgical hair loss solution does require multiple treatments and maintenance throughout the year.

We use Growth Factor Therapy for hair restoration. The treatment involves extracting your blood, placing it in a specialized centrifuge to concentrate the healing growth factors and platelets then injecting it back into the areas of your body that could benefit from stimulated healing.

In this case these platelets are injected into your scalp, triggering natural hair regrowth. We use the Meso Hair Restoration Gun for precise injections into your scalp.

Growth Factor Therapy is classified as regenerative medicine and these types of treatments are used for all kinds of different applications such as healing sports injuries, skin revitalization, hair restoration, sexual performance rejuvenation plus it increase the body’s natural healing substances.

Are There Risks?

Since Meso Hair Loss Treatment is a non-surgical procedure in which we are using you own blood to regrow your hair, your risk is minimized. The procedure is relatively pain free, most patients get injections without any numbing.

If you feel discomfort after the procedure, we recommend a cold ice pack to minimize pain and use a pain reliever such as Tylenol. Some patients have noticed slight bruising which subsides in a week or two.

Expected Results

Following the doctor’s recommendations will increase your results. We perform multiple treatments for the first few months. After the initial treatments we recommend ongoing maintenance 2-3 times per year to stimulate the har follicles and thicker growth.

You will first notice a increase in shedding, then regrowth and longer lengths of hair. It’s important to understand hair regrowth takes time. Noticeable results will take 8-12 months from your first treatment.

During your consultation, your doctor will provide you more details on your expected results based on your level of hair loss.

Meet Dr. Joe Cleaver

Dr. Joe Cleaver is an expert in Growth Factor Therapy and utilize cutting-edge protocols that are unique to our practice. Dr. Cleaver is fellowship trained in advanced endocrinology/bio-identical hormone therapy, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. He is also a member of the teaching faculty and is an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University, School of Medicine Integrative Medicine Program, which educates and trains medical professionals in lifestyle and integrative medicine. We continually educate ourselves about the advances in restorative and functional medicine, which greatly benefits the health and wellness of each patient. Boutique Wellness is proud of its strong reputation for developing customized Growth Factor Therapy solutions for each client. Dr. Joe is also on the teaching faculty at A4M the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and the MMI the Metabolic Medical Institute.

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