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Anti-aging regimens are about more than just looking good—they’re also about feeling good and confident in yourself.

Age is a matter of feeling… not of years.” -George William Curtis

We have all known people who looked and acted far different than what one would expect given their age. It never fails to surprise us when someone looks 10 or 20 years older or younger, and we all hope that we are not the one everyone thinks is older. Anti-aging products take up a great deal of real estate on the health and beauty shelves as most people search for ways to slow down the aging process. One surprising thing, however, is that most are going only on how they look, not how they feel. If age is truly a matter of feeling, as George William Curtis said, then we must look beyond appearance with our anti-aging regimes.

Anti-Aging in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At Boutique Wellness, we develop personalized wellness programs so that you can get on the path to living your best life – to feeling the age you want, rather than looking at the number of years you’ve lived. We will take the time to know who you are and what is making you feel that anti-aging is important right now. This can happen at any age, especially when you are experiencing health concerns such as dealing with inflammation, the effects of stress, being above a healthy weight, dealing with menopause symptoms, suffering from hypertension or thyroid problems, or feeling the effects of nutrient deficiencies due to diet or medications.

If you would like to get started with an anti-aging program so you can feel your best, we welcome your call to get started with a consultation with Mary Ann Coffey, R.Ph, CCN and have any questions you may have appropriately addressed. Whether your main concern is anti-aging or you have other health issues you need help with in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we are here to help and look forward to seeing the transformation you will be empowered to make.


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