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Immunity Warrior Drip – $250

The Immunity Warrior Drip supports your immune system. It includes a combination of Vitamin C and Zinc to help combat illnesses. Vitamin C and Zinc are powerful nutrients that strengthen your immune system. This drip is perfect to fight viruses and bacteria.

Ingredients: Fluids | Electrolytes | Vitamin C | Zinc

Vitality Drip – $175

You should schedule this drip BEFORE you engage in a heavy exercise session or physical experience that could leave you extra-drained! In only 1 hour, your body will become completely hydrated, and your electrolytes will be replenished.

Ingredients: Fluids | Electrolytes

Big Baller Drip – $199

Get an instant energy boost before a big night out with the Big Baller drip. Not only will this drip keep you hydrated throughout the night, it will also help ease any lingering effects you may feel the next morning (i.e. a hangover). It’s a quick and easy way to supplement nutrients that would otherwise be lost. Wake up feeling normal and refreshed rather than drained and nauseated.

Ingredients: Fluids | Electrolytes | B-Complex | Vitamin C | Energy Enhancer

Bounce Back Drip – $199

This will get you off the couch and into the real world! We recommend this drip because it first and foremost helps with hydration. It combines our regular blend of fluids and electrolytes with a booster that will either reduce your headache or your upset stomach. This will help you recover so you can get back outside and feeling good again!

Ingredients: Fluids | Electrolytes | Choice of anti-nausea medication or anti-inflammatory medication

Gwyneth Drip – $225

If you want beautiful, radiant skin, the Gwyneth IV Drip is the answer! It hydrates your skin cells by promoting healthy collagen and elastin development to fight the signs of aging. It features a unique blend of fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants that can give you the flawless glowing skin effect you’re looking for. And the added vitamin C helps support your muscles, bones, immune system, and your circulatory system.

Ingredients: Fluids | Electrolytes | Vitamin C | Glutathione

Myers’ Drip Cocktail – $249

This is the O.G. vitamin drip that was developed by Baltimore physician Dr. John Myers, M.D. Originally formulated to address chronic diseases such as fatigue and fibromyalgia, today, the Myers’ Cocktail is used to remedy all sorts of symptoms, from low energy to headaches and dehydration. There’s a reason why the very first vitamin IV drip ever developed is still in use today.

Ingredients: Fluids | Electrolytes | B -Complex | Vitamin C | Magnesium

Our Boosters


Increase energy, detox your body.



Increase energy and mental focus.



Antioxidant, immune booster, antiviral.



Aids in muscle recovery & improves blood flow.



Increases metabolism and lean muscle.



Immunity and sickness prevention.



Improves circulation and athletic performance.



Potent antioxidant or anti-aging.


Our Shots

Lipotrophic compounds are used to help release fat deposits in some parts of the body including stomach, inner thighs, neck, buttocks and hips.


Energy Booster, fat metabolism and liver health.



Preserve lean muscle mass, energy enhancer and liver health.