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You don’t have to feel your age!

Unless you are days away from your first driver’s license, anxiously awaiting voting or drinking age, or maybe even looking forward to retirement, it’s rare to wish that you were older than you are. Most of the time, you are firmly rooted in hopes of slowing down the aging process. Here at Boutique Wellness, we understand the many conditions can surface as the years seem to fly by, and we have a few tools in our arsenal that can help you slow things down a bit and feel younger.

Slowing Down Aging Process in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

One aspect of aging that women will inevitably reach is menopause. While some aspects of ending the childbearing years are welcomed, the hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, and vaginal dryness aren’t among them. With the use of bio-identical estrogen that is identical in structure to the estrogen your body produces, a balance between estrogen and progesterone can be reached, which results in relief from a variety of menopausal symptoms without the side effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Another factor that can be of great help with slowing down the aging process is learning how to eat properly. It is not uncommon to develop food sensitivities later in life and experience a slower metabolism, leading to weight gain. We can help you with a customized diet plan and use the “food is medicine” approach to overcome other issues that impede slowing down the aging process.

If you would like to know more about how you can retain your youthful health, vigor, and take an active role in slowing down the aging process, give us a call to schedule a consultation at our Winston-Salem, North Carolina office. We are confident you won’t be disappointed when you’ve learned all that Mary Ann Coffey, R.Ph., CCN can share about wellness and health.