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Natural medicine is far from new, but it is still an effective method for overall health and wellbeing.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only type of medicine utilized by humans was natural medicine. While modern medicine has its place and can be lifesaving in many ways, there are facets that can be troublesome and seem counterproductive at times. If you are wondering if there is a better way to deal with your health concern than taking multiple medications that are merely symptom relief, learning more about natural medicine could provide many benefits. Here at Boutique Wellness in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we take a more functional medicine approach.

Natural Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This means that we look for the cause of the problem, rather than stop with pain management or stress management. While those are important for relief, by integrating natural medicine into your healthcare regime, eventually you won’t have the ill effects of stress to deal with or the pain that needs more medication than you are comfortable taking. Natural medicine looks for underlying causes, such as the presence of toxic metals or a food sensitivity issue. There are many things that can cause or exacerbate conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid problems.

It might be surprising, but sometimes a person develops more symptoms while being treated for something else because of medication interactions. If we suspect that you could be having side effects, we suggest a personalized medication review followed with medication therapeutic management. As a licensed clinical pharmacist in North Carolina and Maryland, Mary Ann Coffey, R.Ph., CCN has the experience and background in pharmacology and can use precision medicine and pharmacogenetics to get you on the path to a happier, healthier you!

If you would like to investigate if functional and natural medicine could make a difference in your health or aid you in managing stress, pain, and improving your weight loss efforts, don’t hesitate to contact us.