Weight Loss and the “Food is
Medicine” Connection

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There are literally hundreds of weight loss programs out there, and each one has plenty of followers who do quite well with the program, and many others who do not. It has been said that there isn’t one weight loss method that works for everyone, and that is true because we are all genetically different and have various food sensitivity concerns and health issues that may or may not be related to excess weight. Rather than bounce from one plan to another, a better approach is to consider the “food is medicine” connection.

the key to successful weight loss is learning how to better manage your health

Weight gain isn’t always about eating too much, but more about eating the wrong things. If your body doesn’t process certain foods appropriately, resulting in nutritional deficiencies, the body can respond by storing fat. In addition, if you are taking medications, you could be experiencing drug-induced nutrient deficiencies. Hence, the key to successful weight loss is learning how to better manage your health, learn more about your genetic makeup, and work with a holistic practitioner to develop a healthy diet plan that fits you.

The other side of the coin is staying with the protocol that has been established for you so that you can reach your goal. Weight loss isn’t something you can achieve being noncompliant or skipping appointments. These strategies can only be your guide, not do the work for you. If you take it seriously and learn the foods that can aid you and those you should avoid, there is no reason why you cannot achieve your weight loss goals.

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